Language teachers, have you been thinking about teaching online?

planeYour ESL teaching job is just what you’ve always wanted to do...but it’s not consistent, or not bringing you the money you want. You keep hearing about people who are “teaching online,” and you’re curious about supplementing your income...or moving to Costa Rica and teaching entirely online from there (in some far-away daydream).

calendarIt seems like these online teachers are creating their own schedule, teaching all over the world in one day...and not even leaving their own living room.

personYou aren’t really sure about all that.  You like connecting with your students, face-to-face.  You aren’t even sure if you would like teaching online.  And even if you do you even start? What technology do you use? How do you find your students? Life is busy enough, you don’t want to spend time to figure all that out.



How to Teach English Online

is a short course to walk you through all the steps, from exploring the options to working with your first students. This may be a PERFECT next step for you if you:

  • Are ready for more freedom and more control over your life and career
  • Are a language teacher who wants to move some or all of your business online
  • Are interested in incorporating some online tutoring components into a face-to-face class
  • Want to be “location independent” and keep your students, now matter where in the world you are
  • Are tired of losing your students when they move away
  • Want to be available to students around the world, not only to the ones in your town

In How to Teach English Online, we will help you to:

  • Start teaching online NOW
  • Take the guesswork out of getting started
  • Overcome the uneasiness and discover the benefits of teaching online
  • Learn the (very simple and free) tech you need to make it happen
  • Discover and connect with the learners you really want to teach
  • Provide amazing online classes where real learning happens, and keep your students coming back for more.

How to Teach English Online includes:



12 video lessons + 15 action worksheets, organized into 4 learning modules, to get your new business up and running

Done-for-you Templates:

  • Trial lesson template
  • lesson planning template
  • class “blackboard” template


Interviews with 2 master online teachers



A BONUS module to turn your online tutoring into a real teaching business

Our List of Favorites:

  • Favorite online teaching resources
  • Favorite online business building resources


Lifetime access to the material and all future additions and updates

I've been teaching English online for years.  When I saw the contents of this course, I was a little bit sad that it wasn't available for me when I began!  If you want to get started teaching online without wasting a lot of time on trial and error, this is the course for you.  It really covers everything you need to know, from technology to marketing. You'll start with a solid foundation to grow from, no matter what path your career takes."

Desiree Beauchamp
Desiree Beauchamp Online teacher & Intercultural trainer

I have really enjoyed this course and I found the presentation very stress free. Kim makes it sound like if you just follow the 'map' everything will be ok.The course demystifies the process - from technology to marketing myself - with a step-by-step process and clear instructions.

It covered everything I was worried about, and helped me with several of my biggest blocks in getting started on my own online teaching.

Hannah Langmuir
Hannah Langmuir ESL teacher, Greenville, SC

Ready to get started?  Let's go.

Still have questions?  Here are some answers and the Terms and Conditions.

I don’t think I’ll like teaching online, but I’m curious. Is this course for me?

I resisted teaching online for YEARS. No matter what people told me about how it was the way of the future and the path to more freedom, I resisted. Finally, I started experimenting to see if I could find a way to make it fit for me. Now - years later - I genuinely love teaching online.

The convenience and low-stress environment it provides for my students makes for great learning. I spend fewer hours in the car getting to class. And it allows me to bring English to people who would never be able to access it otherwise.

So is teaching online for you? There are so many possibilities that if very well could be. In this course you will not only learn about teaching English online, but also technology and marketing principles that will serve you well no matter what direction you go in. If you’re curious, join us and give it a try.

Technology hates me. Can I do this course?

Absolutely not.

Just kidding. I imagine that if you have read this far then you are not one of the few people that just can’t make it work with computers. But don’t let your beliefs become a reality! If you can approach the idea of teaching online with a sense of curiosity and willingness to try, I believe you can do it. I don’t force you to use any fancy tools, and I’ve created tutorials and explanations for every step along the way. I keep telling people that if I can figure it out, you can, too.

How to Teach English Online is a fully online course, so you’ll be watching videos and completing action sheets (which you can download and print), as well as getting yourself setup with an online teaching profile. I’ll walk you through the whole thing.

On the other hand, if just reading this is giving you a sense of dread or frustration before you even start, this may not be the right time for you. No worries, the online world of teaching isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Come back when you’re ready.

I like to work online, but I have no idea how to find students there. Will I learn about this?

You sure will! We will not only walk you through setting up a teaching profile on the largest English teaching sites, you’ll also dig into the kind of teaching you’re best at, and learn how to attract and connect with the learners you most want to teach. Consider it a mini-degree in marketing, with additional resources to take you to the next steps of starting your own business.

I already have an online teaching business. Can this help me?

If you’re satisfied with your schedule, your price, your methods, and the students you are attracting, you don’t need this course. If you need additional help in any of these areas, come join us!

Lots of people teach online, why can I do it myself, without taking this course?

You can. I learned how to teach online through lots of trial and error, and researching and taking classes about best practices of online teaching, marketing, etc. There is no reason why you can’t take that path, too.

However, if you’d like to skip the trial and error method, shorten the learning curve, and start making money now, this course is worth the investment.

What kind of device do I need?

You can take this course using any device that has an internet connection. Teaching online works the same way (although I prefer the space of a large computer screen).

What if I can’t finish right away?

Once you enroll in How to Teach English Online, you have lifetime access. That means you can start now, skip around, finish later, and check back another day for all additional changes and upgrades we make to the course. The beauty of online learning? It’s on your own schedule.

If I don’t like it, can I return it and get my money back?

Because it is a fully online course (and there is no way for me to know if you download the entire course before returning it), there are no refunds for the BASIC version. If you purchase the PRO or VIP versions, read the refund policy here.

I don’t do well learning online. Do you offer this course in another way?

How to Teach English Online is a fully online course to get you up and running in the world of online teaching. While it is not offered in another way, we do have options for people who like a little more personal touch in their learning. For more accountability, feedback, and a firm schedule, check out the PRO and VIP versions of the course.

Also, remember that this isn’t your typical online course. Is it procrastination you’re worried about? Follow our suggested course schedule and you’ll get it done. Do you prefer working with others and not in isolation? You’ll connect with other teachers, ask questions, and share wins in our private facebook group. Just a little intimidated by technology? We walk you through, every step of the way.

I still have a question.

No problem! Contact us and we’ll be happy to answer it for you.

Your class systematically took me through the steps of how to teach online. It became a set of tasks and expectations so I could better assess whether I would like to do it. I also appreciate the link to the free course of being comfortable on camera.  

The thing I most admired about my certification training is that you and your teachers "practice what you preach".  (I have sat through hours and hours of lectures on how lecturing is not a good way to teach 🙂

And I just want to give a nod to the fact that your lessons on how to teach online also model how to teach online..and that is almost as helpful as the content.

Victoria Welborn English teacher, Greenville, SC, and Quito, Ecuador